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House Hunting in Georgia

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If you are looking for a house in Atlanta, Georgia, there are many beautiful neighborhoods to choose from. If you are looking for great home value with low costs, safe communities, and all of the amenities that you would be used to being comfortable with, then you can be sure to find just what you’re looking for in Georgia. Whether you are looking for just yourself and want a 1 bedroom apartment, if you are looking to find a family home, a farm, a townhouse, or want to invest passively in real estate that you will rent out, there are so many options available at your fingers whenever you are ready to go looking for a house in Atlanta.

Hanover West has been dubbed one of the very best places to buy a house in the Atlanta region because it has great public schools, fantastic housing options, a great nightlife, diversity, and is very safe. The median home value here is going to be around $256k with the average rent running around $1100 or so. Most people here own their own property, but there are a variety of rental options available too. This Atlanta neighborhood has a population of just over 3,000 and is located in Fulton County. This has been considered one of the very best places to live in all of Georgia. They have great restaurants, parks, and the schools have been considered above average.

Peachtree Park is another great area to live by in Georgia that offers fantastic real estate options. It’s another safe area with a great nightlife, lots of diversity and top public schools. This is another popular area that is again located in Fulton County and easily one of the most popular places to live. There are many young professionals and families here, with the median house price being a little more expensive at roughly $400k. It’s a great suburban area if you are looking for a safe place to raise a family.

Buckhead Heights has it all – great commuting options, health and fitness options, lots of housing, jobs, low cost of living, low crime, top schools, and great nightlife. This is yet another Fulton County area that is consistently rated as a top place in Georgia to live. It has an urban feel with an average median home price of just below $300k. If you are looking for one of the very best neighborhoods that Georgia has to offer when looking for a house, then this is it. It’s one of the top to consider if you want to find a great place to live.

Alpharetta is another top suburb in Georgia as well, located in Fulton County which shouldn’t come as a surprise now. They’ve got it all – safe schools, lots of business options, jobs, commute options, and more. It’s a much larger community with a population over 60k, and you can find tons of parks, coffee shops, stores, restaurants, and more. The average home price here is 300k which makes it a reasonable price for many families to consider, although it might not be the cheapest place to find in Georgia if saving money is a top priority. If money isn’t that much of an issue, and you are looking for an area with plenty of outdoor activities, great schools and real estate options, easy commute options, and great nightlife, this would be a great region in Georgia to consider if you are ever looking for a house in Atlanta.

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