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Getting a Realtor License in Georgia

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Georgia has a great real estate market and if you are interested in selling homes for a living, first you need to your realtor license. There are a few requirements that must be met before that can happen, such as needing to be at least 18 years old, and having completed high school or can show an equivalent diploma. Georgia also demands that you complete at least 75 hours of Georgia Real Estate Commission-approved education.

There are 6 parts to obtaining a realtor license, which include a background check, the completion of the education requirements, an examination, and applying for the license. After you pass the exam you will also need to pay the exam fee which is over $100. Within 12 months of passing that exam you need to go ahead and apply for the state license, because if you don’t then you might have to retake the exam. You can even apply for your license at the exam center which makes it a lot more convenient for you.

For anyone who has a real estate license in Florida, they are able to transfer that license to Georgia with much fewer requirements that they need to meet. However, if you have a real estate license from another state then you will need to submit to the entire process and complete every step to satisfy Georgia’s licensing process.

Getting the background check might also cost you, it’s about $25 for the Georgia Crime Information Center report that will detail your criminal history. This report can be obtained from any sheriff’s office or police department in the state and is valid for up to 60 days from the moment the form is issued. This is an important form to have with you, and you do not want to forget to bring it and submit it for the application process.

In order to pass the education requirement for the license you will need to score at least 75 out of 100 questions right on the test. The Georgia Real Estate Salesperson Examination has 152 questions, it’s multiple choice and is a 4 hour exam. This test is separated into two different parts, with the second portion being the state-specific salesperson exam, and the first being the real estate salesperson national exam. For the second portion you need to get 39 out of 52 questions right before you can pass. If you fail there are opportunities to re-take the exam if you fail one portion as well, but you must do it within a certain amount of time.

Another important step that you will want to consider before you can complete everything and start working is that you will want to find a real estate broker to sponsor you. Before you can activate your real estate license, you need to find a broker and sign an agreement which confirms that you will be working under their guidance. That real estate broker is going to bear the responsibility of mistakes that you make and help to guide you along the path of becoming familiarized with working in that industry.

If you have passed your exam then you can receive your license on the same day; it’s about $170 for the fee. You can get that within the first 90 days after the exam at that price, after that it goes up and you will need to pay around $340. If you wait longer than 12 months, you will need to retake the exam entirely. It might not be easy and will take time and effort, but this is the investment that’s required if this is the industry that you want to be working in.

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